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Gang Application

Username: PS5656

Date of Request: Oct 8, 2022

Leader's Name: (Discord + In-Character Name) F-THAT56#0535 (RICHARD SMOLL)

(Please note: We'll do what we can to accommodate this request)

Tag: KOC

Gang/Organization Name: Keepers Of Chaos

Area of Operation: Eclipse (tequilala if we can get it as our HQ) or vinewood.

Other Requests: Can we use tequilala as our HQ? even if we paid for it? Or let me know the process on how we can pick a location or bring one in. Is there a way to get special cuts (we want to be a MC) also is it possible to get special bike for our organization? Not sure on cost or what you would need/allow.


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Oct 22, 2021
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Hello -

I approve of your gang application. You will need to meet with @Ivanpetrov, Director of Freelancers (gangs) to over the gang rules of engagement. As far as owing Tequilala - you will need to meet with Eli Lakewood, Director of Realty, to discuss in-game purchase options.

As far as having your own biker cuts - you will need to fund the cost of purchasing the assets and transferring them over to @KnownSolo so he can put them in the server. Its advised that you first have a conversation with him before purchasing the assets.

Please look for/ask for Wade Wilson in the city to complete the gang application.
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