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Konnor " The Mick " Farley

Konnor was born in Ireland in 1988, his Father a top leader in the IRA, and his Mother who worked in the local church's rectory. His parents were complete opposites, his father being considered a criminal to most as he was running guns, dealing drugs, and even murdering as a means to support his cause to free his country. His mother a devote catholic who attended mass daily, and worked in the community volunteering to the less fortunate. At home, his father drank to relieve his stress, sometimes bringing his anger and wrath from the world he was involved in home, taking it out on young Konnor. His mother did everything she could to avoid being home, mostly staying with the priests at the rectory. Because of this, Konnor home as a child was the place of many IRA meetings, involving the top leaders and soldiers of the group. They all learned to have love for the little lad, and each of them would take them under their wings, forming Konnor into a well rounded criminal in many different aspects. He learned gun running from one of the LT's, drug dealing from a lower SGT, and money laundering from the groups crooked accountant, among many other things. With all of this new knowledge, Konnor didn't have a need for school anymore, and dropped out at 14 to run his own motorcycle club for young lads, and be a full time bookie and loan shark. He was eventually caught doing so, and was sent to juvenile detention until the age of 18. While there, he was celled up with a young kid from a place called Los Santos, who got caught by customs trying to smuggle drugs into the country. This kids name was Miguel Madrazo - son of drug cartel/legitimate businessman Martin Madrazo. Konnor and Miguel grew very close during their time behind bars. Shortly after Konnors release, his father was the target of an assasination while leaving his local pub. He survived thankfully, but pleads from his wife and never ending love for her, he left that life, and joined an anonymous protection program funded by the IRA. Konnor was left with a choice - to leave his beloved home and join his parents, who were relocated to a small fishing town in the south of Ireland under new names, and a set of strict rules, or stay and risk being the target of his old mans rivals. Not satisfied with either choice, Konnor remembered Miguels stories of a place across the "pond" (ocean) called Los Santos, and how anyone could make a name for themselves there, and there was a lot of money to be made, and plenty of crews to work with. Konnor decided this would be his new home. As he lands in Los Santos and tries to make a name for himself, will he be stuck in his old ways, or will he leave his old life behind him and become a succussful businessman in his newfound city?
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