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Denied The-Duck


New member
Nov 2, 2022
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Username: The-Duck

Which position are you applying for? Federal Marshals Service

What is your discord and in-character name? Duck#0108 [B2-258] Trp. Sean Harris

What department did your character previously work for? Department of SA State Troopers B2

Please provide a brief background of the character you created in the server: I have worked as a Trooper in San Diego for a few years before I moved to Los Santos, I have been a straight A student whose father was also in the force before being tragically killed by a gang member that my cousin is now a part of, I have trained long and hard to become a trooper so that I could stop that from ever happening again. I live for the job and focus mainly on it. I have never committed any crimes.

Do you have experience with working with other who may have different experiences, outlooks, and personality types from you own? If so, please describe a situation where you had to follow directions, processes, or a person you didn’t personally agree with, how you handled the situation, and what was the result. I have not had any empierce working below people who have I have disagreed with, but if I were to I would follow orders and not ask questions, unless the order was obviously violating any laws or procedures that could get me fired or the department sued.

Please explain why you want to join NOOSE and your requested position. I would like to join NOOSE to try and keep order in the city and protect against any terrorist attacks.
Thank you for your application, at this point we've decided to go with another candidate. When there's another opening please feel free to apply.
So far there's no one here
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