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  1. The-Duck

    Fixed House Wardrobe not working - The-Duck

    Username: The-Duck Bug Title: House Wardrobe not working Severity Low When Did The Bug Start: Jan 6, 2023 Describe the bug: When I bought a house today everything was working just fine until I tried to open my wardrobe to change outfits and I wouldn’t even open a menu, I saw the...
  2. The-Duck

    quack quack

    quack quack
  3. The-Duck

    The-Duck - Suggestion

  4. The-Duck

    The-Duck - Suggestion

    Username: The-Duck Discord Name: Duck#0108 Suggestion Type: Script Change Would you be willing to fund part or all of the cost of adding a new script or mod? no Whats the suggestion? Possibly add a way for store owners to have people run their store and rp it so when store robberies...
  5. The-Duck

    Denied The-Duck

    Username: The-Duck Which position are you applying for? Federal Marshals Service What is your discord and in-character name? Duck#0108 [B2-258] Trp. Sean Harris What department did your character previously work for? Department of SA State Troopers B2 Please provide a brief...
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