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A. Roberts/F. Hart - Suggestion

Dec 12, 2021
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Attorney General's Office
Username: A. Roberts/F. Hart

Discord Name: SaltineKing#3181

Suggestion Type: Script Change

Would you be willing to fund part or all of the cost of adding a new script or mod? (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

Whats the suggestion? Is it possible to provide the Location of on-duty SAFR to police and other Fire personnel? Exactly how SAST shows up for SAFR?

The reasons for this change would be, to allow SAFR Command Staff to know if someone is "milking the clock" and not doing any work and additionally, it would be mutually beneficial for Police to know where EMS is.

This would be a huge asset to the SAFR & SAST together. It would allow even more opportunities for the SAST and SAFR to work better cooperatively.

This is a feature being requested by SAFR Command Staff and even some SAST personell.
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