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Fixed bibo627 - Lost Items After Jailing


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May 13, 2024
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Username: bibo627

Bug Title: Lost Items After Jailing

When did the bug start? May 31, 2024

What's the expected behavior? Return previous had items in inventory before arrest back to inventory after release from jail.

What behavior occurs? Game states "You do not have any stashed items."

Reproduction Steps: Go to jail with random inventory, after times up, go to front desk, third eye, press prison lobby, then select "Return stashed items."

Media: File(s) attached


  • Screenshot 2024-05-31 035115.png
    Screenshot 2024-05-31 035115.png
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  • Screenshot 2024-05-31 035636.png
    Screenshot 2024-05-31 035636.png
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Confirming we've had a few in-game reports about this as well so likely a bug. No F8 errors were seen when it happened to the last person.

@bibo627 please do a /report in city so a staff member can return your items.
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