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Fixed br3ndino - stretchers still not working


Feb 10, 2024
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Username: br3ndino

Bug Title: stretchers still not working

When did the bug start? Apr 22, 2024

What's the expected behavior? stretchers be able to pull out of ambo

What behavior occurs? they don't. when you third eye again it says deposit but you can't because it never got pulled out. happens in both fordambo and fordambo2

Reproduction Steps: get out fordambo or fordambo2. stretcher doesn't come out.

also, you have to headpop to be able to get into any vehicle after u try to pull a stretcher out
Username: suprahs

Bug Title: Stretcher hovers and clips through roof of ambulance

When did the bug start? May 14, 2024

What's the expected behavior? Stretcher is level with floor and not clipping through roof

What behavior occurs? Clips through roof and hovers. Everything else for the stretcher is working as intended.

Reproduction Steps: Get stretcher out of Med 5, place back in ambulance.

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  • Screenshot 2024-05-14 222138.png
    Screenshot 2024-05-14 222138.png
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I'd like to also add to this that whenever you put an ambulance up you've used the stretcher in it won't disappear into the garage with the ambulance, and it usually hovers at the top like it is in the screenshot above.
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