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Dommo ($250k)

Tommy hottcok

New member
Nov 9, 2022
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Username: dommo4040

What is your discord and in-character name? OGMissedChildSupport#0611

When did the loss occur? Feb 9, 2023

What did you lose? Other

Describe, in detail, how the loss occurred: I had a variety of things stashed in bags inside of vehichles money guns bought with dono coins drug supplies drugs. When the bags got fixed today everything from inside bags in the city was reset and emptied. Causing me to lose all those various things.

If an admin/mod directed you here, please provide their discord name: Smokedrinks#8835
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Cash cannot be bought in the dono shop.

Approving a one time courtesy payment of $250k for lost items due to the bag update.
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