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Pending FirstCRONIN Robert4049

Username: FirstCRONIN

What is your discord name? swayisbackagain96

Whats your character name? Kos Jager

When did the loss occur? Nov 19, 2023

What did you lose? Money, Items

How much money did you loose? 100000

Please list out the items you lost (roughly): lockpic, micro smg, carbine rifle, 700 9mm , 100 rnds 45, 104 5.56, 1 mini smg, 1 micro smg, 14,000 cash, 1 brass knuckles, 1 carbine, 8 zipties

Do you have screenshots? Yes

Upload a screenshot: File(s) attached

Describe, in detail, how the loss occurred: This is FirstCRONIN filling out the form, this individual loss everything as a result of suspicious retaliation. After reviewing footage I recommend he be returned all of the his items.

Did an member of the staff team refer you to fill this form out? Yes

What's the name of the staff member that referred you? firstcronin


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Hey has anyone taken care of this for you yet?
Hey has anyone taken care of this for you yet?
talked to him last night told him to put this in because his account was hardware ban and he got a new cpu and started over new Didn't know if there was something that maybe loss claims could handle
So far there's no one here
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