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Frank Hart

Frank Hart is just another ordinary man, no different than you. A man of integrity and respect.

To no fault of his own, Frank's parents were not the best parents to Frank. With generations of crime on his father and mother's side, Frank was brought up to believe that crime is all he could do. That it would be all he was good at. Frank’s parent’s often times had him assist in some of the criminal activities that they partook in.

At the age of 13, he was tasked by his parents to pick up a bag of money from a trash can, which he did for fear of being punished. As soon as Frank picked up that bag, he instantly regretted it when police swarmed the area and put him in handcuffs. After getting him back to the station and questioning him, police found out that Frank ultimately feared for his life and asked him to help bring his parents to justice, as they were some of the most wanted criminals on the streets. Frank obliged as he saw an opportunity to escape from the hell that he was being put through by the people that were supposed to love him the most.

Police later raided the home of Frank’s parents and took them into custody and later they were sentenced to life without parole. That was the day Frank was taken in by an officer who wanted to show him what his real worth was. Frank gained mad respect for everyone around him and presents himself to this day as a man of dignity, integrity, and respect. Without fear, Frank successfully started a new life at the age of 13, finishing high school and going on to gain a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Policy & Administration with a minor in Political Science.

After graduating college and working in the political sector for 1 and a half years, Frank decided he wanted to do more, so he went back to school and gained his Juris Doctor so he could practice law and one day maybe be able to help someone else who was in his shoes.

Frank believes that no matter how low you are, you have an opportunity to rise up and show the world that you can be more.
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