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Fixed Houses are no longer owned? - MMonroe - Critical


Staff member
Dec 28, 2021
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Username: MMonroe

Title of the Bug Report: Houses are no longer owned?

When Did The Bug Start: May 31, 2023

Description: When going to my house it no longer shows up on the map as being owned. Additionally, it only gives the option to ring the doorbell and does not allow me to go inside or sell/buy the house as if it were owned by someone else.

Dibble and king are also having this issue.

Steps to Reproduce: 1) Go to a house you own. 2) look at the door.

Expected Behavior: Go inside my house and eat lunch

Actual Behavior: Ring doorbell. Wife kicked me out.

Frequency: Always

Priority: Critical
So about three weeks ago. Staff sent out a notice for everyone to send their home locations to the realtors so we could return the remaining back to the city for people to purchase,
So far there's no one here
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