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Approved jpgamz_10's Gang Application


New member
Dec 23, 2023
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Username: jpgamz_10

What type of gang are you applying for? Street

What kind of Roleplay will your gang be partaking in? Money, guns, drugs and street racing

What's a brief plan of what you want your gang to accomplish? Hold events for racing cars and create RP situations that indicated street activity

Please explain the difference between the different styles of gang RP i.e. crime syndicated/mafia/ street gang? Crime syndicated is structured similarly to mafia but not quite so because they are more separated involvement. mafia involves family and other kinds of dealings and very well organized crime, street gangs are more involved with smaller arms deals and other crimes.

What RP plans do you have for yourself if you get accepted? Create undergrown racing and other dealings with cars and firearms

How do you plan to improve gang RP? Create a different side of Rp that's not just involving guns and drugs but also including something else like the street racing.

Please explain the difference between RDM, VDM, KOS, METAGAMING, and POWERGAMING in your own words. RDM-Random death match(killing randomly), Vehicle Death match(running someone over randomly)-KOS kill on sight (killing someone without having interaction)- METAGAMING (using outside knowledge that wouldn't of came upon a character without outside information other than game information)- POWERGAMING ( is when you create an unrealistic scenario to only benefit yourself and not create a fair rp experience)

Explain a toxic interaction and why you should never have it in a Roleplay city? Having a conversation and the people get upset, creating a rp scenario that upsets people and after the scene is finished they continue retaliate against the other party. This does not need to be in RP cities due to its inaccuracies, especially if you were killed, you would not remember that in your next life.
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