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Accepted Nikodeemus - Mortgage Application

Username: Nikodeemus

What is your Discord name and in-character name? Nikodeemus#6895

Are you a visitor or resident of this city? Resident - This city is my new home!

When did you join the city? Nov 15, 2022

Describe your financial situation. I work as a trucker, also have done some mechanic and tow work for Law Enforcement and freelance work. Have also done some mining work and it went well.

What kind of purchase are you wishing to complete? Business

Please describe the home/business you are wanting to purchase. The Up~N~Atom at postal 7086

How much of a down payment are you willing to make? Hopefully around 600-700k, could be more depending on my financial status and if my buddy Duck wants to help with co owning it

How much are you requesting to be financed? the business says it costs 15 million to own, including business expenses it could be closer to 15.5 million

If you fail to make payments, what are you putting down as collateral before we kidnap your dog for ransom? I have some sports cars, namely a Duke and a Bc95 hard body. could also put up a F450 tow truck if needed

Any other information or offers you want to put out for us to consider? I am hoping to open a restaurant and drive thru service, coming up with a plan to possibly get food into the SAFR, SAST, or LSPD. I plan on doing this long term and make this my source of income, as well as hopefully be able to source most of my supplies through farming or the community.


I just realized i forgot the character name but its Johnny Mactavish, will meet to discuss further
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