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Updates 01122023.1


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Oct 18, 2021
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  • - added option for additional items for FireCraftable. You could set additional items with amounts required for cooking on fireplace now
  • (optional, disabled by default) added option to set % chance of cooking fail which give no result item when cooking fails
  • Fixed an issue where on ESX, when using spray_remover, item spray would get removed instead
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling spray animation would allow user to walk away while spraying
  • Added ox_target new exports support
  • Canceling the game when the player dies.
  • It was fixed the problem where you hit the 6 and it only gave you 3 points
  • The furniture refresh repaired
  • Added a configuration for the soundStatus refresh
  • Fixed broken visuals in Tinder app
Builder & Garbage Collector
  • Fixed an issue where we sometimes couldn't end a job when we had Config.RequireFullJob set as a true.
  • Updated Targeting
Character Creator
  • New Options while making a character
Vehicle Control (Through X Menu)
  • Lightbar Extras work
  • Fixed issue with decimal rounding for taxes
AI Ambulance
  • Eliminated job check loop for improved performance
  • Issue where ambulance wouldn't respond on second use
  • Script Optimization
  • Target support
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Fixed Location Of Sign
  • Fixed False Positive Stolen Vehicles
  • Automatically add stolen vehicles to ALPR bolos
Advanced Vehicles
  • Fixed error notifications when you don't have the item in your inventory
  • Added new config to allow you to use the script in unowned vehicles (NPC vehicles)

  • The update frequency amount of loops can be lowered(through config) without affecting performance negatively too much(highly-optimized)
  • Easily add/remove status/skills through the config file
  • Customizable notification style for each status
  • You can increase, decrease, and update status values from both client-side and/or server-side using exports(fully-synced)
  • Data transmission between server and client is highly secured and safe(sensitive to exploits)
  • Automatically lowers/highers status values based on their configurations in the config file(the automatic update amount for each status is modifiable)
  • Has a built-in menu to check the values of status(utilizes ox_lib)
  • Status/skills will be updated in the GTA V's pause menu if its corresponding hash is given in the config
  • Has a config to optimize resource memory usage by cleaning unused variables in a faster period than the Lua default's
  • Automatic database table creation and handling by the resource itself(no more SQL file) (table name can be configured within config file)
  • Config to determine the interval in optimizing the database table by removing old data of characters who have not joined your server in the configured period
  • Config to reset each status to the default value every time the player logs in(e.g: Sleep or Tiredness)
  • Ability to modify a status's automatic update amount on live-server using server-side exports(e.g: let's say you create a Vitamin-D status and you want to update its value automatically only when the weather is sunny - the sea of your imagination has no limit =)
  • Enough functions, exports, and events to work with multicharacter systems(pre-configured for qb-multicharacter and esx_multicharacter)
  • 8 free non-encrypted optimized plug-n-play addons included adding responses to increase or decrease some of the pre-configured status/skills(bring more realism)(e.g: eventually die of starving because of hunger/thirst -|- able to stay more time underwater by increasing lung capacity -|- increases melee damage the more the strength status increases -|- increases swimming and running speed by increasing stamina status -|- increases the damage of each weapon shot the more shooting skill increases(moreover you can integrate x-status with your recoil system to reduce weapon recoil the more shooting skill increases) -|- blurring the screen and difficulty to walk the more sleep(tiredness) status increases(this was mostly created to showcase another way that you can expand this resource to your liking and your imagination)

[Pre-configured status/skills]

  • Hunger
  • Thirst
  • Stress
  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Lung Capacity
  • Shooting
  • Driving
  • Sleep => (resets every time a character logs in - this was mostly created to showcase another way that you can expand this resource to your liking)

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