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Fixed _tyrees - Driver License Photo


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Dec 27, 2023
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Username: _tyrees

Bug Title: Driver License Photo

When did the bug start? May 14, 2024

What's the expected behavior? after taking the test able to take a picture and get out of the picture option.

What behavior occurs? i encountered 2 new flights that i helped with Paige. they kept getting stuck in taking their photos for their license and couldnt get out of the picture option. they had to head pop in order to get out of it and didnt get their license.

Reproduction Steps: go take the driving test and try and take your photo for your ID.

I'm going to need F8 when this happens
Username: br3ndino

Bug Title: license pictures are scuffed

When did the bug start? May 17, 2024

What's the expected behavior? to take pics when u finish practicals/theories

What behavior occurs? sometimes it does, sometimes it just freezes u and u can walk around but cam dont change and it never comes up

Reproduction Steps: do some theories/practicals.

Sometimes you need to left click your mouse and it takes the picture
I tried left click a few times and it did not work. I've noticed this happens a lot if you try to take more than one in the same game session. Like doing a theory pic, then doing practical test when it goes for the pic it's broken.
Tested and was fixed for me yesterday, was a bit of a pause (30-60 seconds) but it did end up taking the picture. Let us know if it persists for you guys please.
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