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Jax Teller


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Jan 16, 2024
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Jax Teller's story began in Hilda, South Carolina, where the rumble of motorcycles echoed through the streets and the brotherhood of The Lost Motorcycle Club thrived. Born into a family that had no ties to the club, Jax found his true family among its members, drawn to the camaraderie and sense of belonging they offered.

Growing up, Jax forged a deep bond with Georgia's father, another member of The Lost MC. Their friendship was forged in the fires of shared experiences and mutual respect, their loyalty to each other unwavering. But tragedy struck when Georgia's parents met their untimely demise due to club activity, leaving her orphaned at the tender age of fifteen.

With nowhere else to turn, Georgia found herself taken in by Jax, her father's best friend and a prominent figure within the club. Despite his own tumultuous past and the disapproval of his own parents, who had disowned him for choosing the club over schooling, Jax became a guiding light in Georgia's life, offering her the love, support, and guidance she desperately needed.

For the next decade, Jax and Georgia navigated the complexities of life together, their bond growing stronger with each passing day. But when the call came for Jax to relocate to Los Santos and become the Vice President of the newly opened chapter of The Lost MC, there was no question that Georgia would accompany him.

Knowing he wouldn't know anyone in this new city, Jax brought Georgia along, the only person he trusted with his life. Together, they embarked on a new chapter of their lives, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead with the same resilience and camaraderie that had carried them through so many trials before. And as they rode into the unknown streets of Los Santos, they did so with the knowledge that no matter what happened, they would always have each other's backs.
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