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Vendor Bug sliced_pineapple - Furniture moves by itself (or I have ghosts....)


Dec 9, 2023
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Username: sliced_pineapple

Bug Title: Furniture moves by itself (or I have ghosts....)

When did the bug start? Apr 1, 2024

What's the expected behavior? Furniture stays where you have placed it.

What behavior occurs? When you leave and come back (either leaving the area or relogging), furniture moves out of place.

Reproduction Steps: 1. Have a house
2. Furnish it
3. Leave for a bit and return home
4. You'll see the phantoms have taken up interior decorating

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For me I have a bug where we placed a piece of furniture, was a stash of cash, and it has tried to be removed by me and we can't seem to remove it, its something we can phase through like walk through and it doesn't allow us to delete it or remove it so its kinda just in the way
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