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Fixed wolffin4_6b8 - trying to put down/pick up/do stuff with medical bag makes me ctd


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Apr 18, 2024
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Username: wolffin4_6b8

Bug Title: trying to put down/pick up/do stuff with medical bag makes me ctd

When did the bug start? Apr 18, 2024

What's the expected behavior? not for the game to crash

What behavior occurs? I was playing around with the new medical bag trying to figure out how it works. So I was using it from the hotbar, deploying it on the ground and then trying to third eye and pick it up. It worked like once, but then I tried to do it again multiple times since I feel like the bag should do something more than that, my game froze and crashed.
I went back and bought another bag, since the bugged one had disappeared. And tried deploying it and doing stuff with it again, this time it did different weird shit, like at first it seemed I had picked it up, but then it appeared both in my hand and falling repeatedly to the floor, and I crashed again.
Third time, I bought yet another bag. I deployed it on the ground, and it immediately poofed. I bought another bag, went on to place it on the floor, and crashed before I managed to even place it on the floor.
The recursive-recursive error message came from the second crash, on the first and last ones it just said the application stopped responding.

Reproduction Steps: play around with the new medical bag

Media: File(s) attached


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Should be fixed, please let reopen ticket if not.
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