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Pending forz5's Gang Application


New member
Dec 10, 2023
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Username: forz5

What type of gang are you applying for? Cartel

What kind of Roleplay will your gang be partaking in? Drug making and distribution

What's a brief plan of what you want your gang to accomplish? Make money as a team and contribute to the city's gang RP cause the orange gang has no competition.

Please explain the difference between the different styles of gang RP i.e. crime syndicated/mafia/ street gang? All gangs have differences. Gangs like the Mafia and Crime syndicates will more be heavily involved with organized Bank Robberies. While gangs like Cartels are more into drug distribution and illegal manufacturing of goods.

What RP plans do you have for yourself if you get accepted? Becoming the biggest cartel in the city and running drugs in from the county.

How do you plan to improve gang RP? By creating a competitive gang that contributes to the gang RP.

Please explain the difference between RDM, VDM, KOS, METAGAMING, and POWERGAMING in your own words. RDM- Random death match. VDM- Vehicle Death Match. KOS- Kill on Sight. Powergaming- Giving someone no choice in what they do. Metagaming- Using info from something like Discord.

Explain a toxic interaction and why you should never have it in a Roleplay city? Shooting a Cop during a traffic stop is also RDM.
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